Why "Reading More" Is the One Resolution You Shouldn't Give Up On...


Going through my (admittedly long) list of 2017 resolutions, there is one #resolution that is repeat offender – read more.

I love reading, I’ve been a “book nerd” since I was young (grandparents who were English teachers will do that to you).

So, for the past couple of years, I’ve been participating in reading challenges, either ones I found on Pinterest or through other bloggers.

But this year, I wanted to change things up - I created my own.

Whether you’re an avid reader like myself or just looking for something to do other than binge watching another Netflix show, I want to encourage all of you to spend 2017 with your nose in a book! 

How it Works

TGWW 2017 Reading Challenge is a 26-book reading challenge over 52 weeks. (That’s about 1 book every two weeks).

I get that some reading challenges can be a little overwhelming, so I tried to make this one easy and doable

I’ll be sharing my personal list, but I encourage you all to make your own selections!

Along the way, as we finish each book I’ll be sharing my thoughts/likes/dislikes/unanswered questions with all of you!

Think of this as your own little book club.

Whether you’re following along with my list, or want to share your thoughts on your book of choice, I am beyond excited about chatting with you!

The Challenge

If you want to join along, make sure to download or print the full list (You can find the printable version here) and write in the books you pick! 

Once you've got your list in hand, head over to our private Facebook group (here) and join us as we share stories, book reviews and emotions surrounding our lists! 

If you post on social media, use the #2017TGWW hashtag so we can follow along! 

TGWW Reading Challenge

Here are my Selections: 

1.    Collection of short stories – Almost Famous Women – Megan Mayhew Bergman (Find it on Amazon Here)
2.    A book from your childhood – Falling Up Shel Silverstein (Find it on Amazon Here)
3.    A book published in the past year: What Is Not Yours Is Not YoursHelen Oyeyemi (Find it on Amazon Here)
4.    A book about travel – Stones of Florence Mary McCarthy (Find it on Amazon Here)
5.    A book you bought solely on its cover design – Wolf in White VanJohn Darnielle (Find it on Amazon Here)
6.    A book by a female writer – Shrill - Linda West (Find it on Amazon Here)
7.    A book by a male writer - The Heat of the SunDavid Rain (Find it on Amazon Here)
8.    A book over 100 years old – The Picture of Dorian GrayOscar Wilde (Find it on Amazon Here)
9.    A book with a name in the title – Barbara the SlutLauren Holmes (Find it on Amazon Here)
10.    A book from a genre you’ve never tried before – The Age of Wire and StringBen Marcus (Find it on Amazon Here)
11.    A book based on a fairytale – The Robber BrideMargaret Atwood (Find it on Amazon Here)
12.    A book published in the year you were born-  The Things They CarriedTim O’Brien (Find it on Amazon Here)
13.    A book from your favorite author – Child of God Cormac McCarthy (Find it on Amazon Here)
14.    A personal development book – Nonsense: The Power of Not KnowingJamie Holmes (Find it on Amazon Here)
15.    A current bestseller – All the Light We Cannot See Anthony Doerr (Find it on Amazon Here)
16.    A book you read in high school – The HobbitJ.R.R. Tolkien (Find it on Amazon Here)
17.    A book that was made into a movie – The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald (Find it on Amazon Here)
18.    A memoir/nonfiction – Not That Kind of GirlLena Dunham (Find it on Amazon Here)
19.    A book with a number in the title – One More ThingB.J. Novak (Find it on Amazon Here)
20.    A Pulitzer Prize winner – Angela’s Ashes - Frank McCourt (Find it on Amazon Here)
21.    A previously banned book – Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone - J.K. Rowling (Find it on Amazon Here)
22.    A book from the perspective of a non-human – Gods Behaving BadlyMarie Phillips (Find it on Amazon Here)
23.    A book set in your hometown/state  - Drown – Junot Diaz (Find it on Amazon Here)
24.    A book based in another country – Someone to Run With - David Grossma (Find it on Amazon Here)
25.    A book someone else recommended to you – Flimsy Little Plastic MiraclesRon Currie, Jr. (Find it on Amazon Here)
26.    A book you can finish in a day – Man Vs. Nature Diane Cook (Find it on Amazon Here)


When it came to selecting each of these I only had two requirements: Either the title listed is a book I’ve personally never read before or it’s a book I haven’t read within the past five years.

The idea was to encourage myself to either I might usually overlook or wouldn’t otherwise consider, but feel free to pick your titles any way you choose!  

Now, you might be wondering: Do audiobooks count? 

The answer is yes, they do!

There really aren’t any rules. Just try to find books that fit into the challenge.

Good luck!