The Ultimate Travel App Guide to Your Next Adventure

These travel apps will change the way you think about travel from booking a flight, to planning a roadtrip, currency conversions, food, gas, hotels and more with just a touch, tap, or flick of the finger.

“The life you have led doesn’t need to be the only life you have.” 

— Anna Quindlen



This is a great resource for booking cheap hotels. With a easy-to-use interface and no money down policy, this is a typically my go-to when I first start planning a trip. 


Skyscanner is the ultimate all-in-one travel app. You can easily search flights, hotels and cars for the cheapest fares. This is by far one of the best flight planning apps on the market. With Skyscanner, I was able to find a find a roundtrip flight to Amsterdam for $380!



If you are looking for deals on the best accommodations in Asia, look no further. With a robust inventory of guesthouses and hotels, I wouldn't use any other site when traveling around Asia.




AirBnB completely changed the travel game when it came on to the scene a few years ago. This alternative accommodation site connects you with homeowners who rent out their homes/apartment/couches to you all across the world. (New to AirBnB? Sign-up now and get a $35 travel credit!)